Our solutions are diverse, as are the possibilities of expanding or creating virtual reality. New technologies offer practically unlimited possibilities and enable the realization of countless interesting scenarios.


Cooperation and communication

  • Virtual meetings
  • Teleconferencing
  • Management meetings with interactive elements
  • Adaptation of new employees
  • Gamification in the corporate environment, support for innovation
  • Cooperation of crisis teams, Business Continuity Management
  • Event simulation

Field work, support and assistance

  • Technicians and services in the field (installation, service)
  • Remote field visits
  • Prevention and maintenance tasks
  • Assisted installation and maintenance
  • 3D measurement and motion tracking
  • Audits, certifications, logging
  • Data visualization for critical components
  • Terrain survey, mapping, research, documentation

Product design and prototypes

  • Construction in engineering and production
  • Display of architectural objects (BIM)
  • Visualization of drawings and diagrams
  • Cooperation of development centres
  • Integration or transformation of CAD and PLM data
  • Mock-ups, quick designs, modelling for agile evaluation with customers

Production and logistics

  • Design, visualization and inspections of warehouse spaces
  • Design, visualization and inspections of production facilities
  • Display of real time information in production
  • Displaying real time information in the warehouse
  • Prevention and maintenance tasks

Training and education

  • Retraining of workers
  • Work safety and related training
  • Training for critical forces
  • Soft Skills packages
  • Interactive content for special target groups (retirement homes, prisons, etc.)
  • Learning based on experience, not memorization
  • Man-machine iteration training
  • Rehabilitation and exercise
  • Relaxation
  • Interactive music theory
  • Specific tailor-made training

Sales and marketing

  • Virtual memories
  • Interactive product catalogue for customers
  • Custom demo in the customer’s environment
  • Photography and visualization of objects
  • Real estate agencies
  • Virtual tours (museums, parks, caves, etc.)
  • Environment modelling
  • Company profiles
  • Experiences for different target groups
  • Virtual travel agency
  • Trade fairs
  • Retail scenarios for assortment management, layouts and replenishment of goods
  • Demonstration of the product, simulation of its use, inputs for modification or configuration



We have created a video of how we interpret the future today, with a summary of inspiring scenarios. Enjoy with us, best with a cup of great coffee and headphones, so that you can hear that wonderful AI voice.



We will help you at any stage of your digital project. We will go through and create effective scenarios with you, we will recommend you the most suitable technologies, we will help you test them and put them into practice.

We offer you the following services:


XR Business case

The Business Case is a tool for evaluating or justifying an XR project. It provides a managerial view of the XR initiative, defines the main scenarios, expectations and benefits. It summarizes the main technological possibilities and conditions of successful project implementation.

The output of the Business Case is a managerial recapitulation for the purpose of the customer’s decision on the implementation of the project and access to it.


XR Proof of concept

During the Proof of Concept, we will jointly verify whether XR technologies are a suitable tool for the intended scenarios and strategy of the customer, what are the technical and organizational conditions for their deployment and development. Part of the Proof of concept is piloting technologies and evaluating the financial metrics of the planned project.

The output of Proof of Concept is a decision on the continuation and method of implementation of the XR project in its full extent.


XR Projects

We implement XR projects based on a prepared assignment, ideally a previous Proof of Concept or Business Case.

Because the success of digital initiatives is conditioned by the adoption of technologies by their users, we emphasize continuous communication, involvement of sponsors, feedback and project evaluation.


XR Financing

We will verify that your digital initiative falls into one of the European fund programs, or in what other suitable way it can be financed.



We are a team of experts with experience in the business environment and with excellent understanding of business processes. Using high-tech technologies, we propose to our customers XR concepts of augmented and virtual reality, to open new possibilities for cooperation, potential for new products or services, for new forms of education, or for gaining a competitive advantage.

We create space for innovations that bring value and are sustainable. We propose professional solutions in the areas of:

Virtual reality (VR)

Augmented reality (AR)

Mixed reality (MR)

In some scenarios, the proposed solutions can also be enhanced with IoT and AI components.

However, modern technologies alone are not enough for successful “new reality” concepts and solutions. It is fundamental to supplement them with the necessary elements that are important for a successful adoption by employees and customers.

We also focus on:

  • Quality of content and created environments
  • Ergonomics and user friendliness
  • Real experience and immersion into the “new reality”
  • Innovation and quality interconnection of all used technologies and tools



We enjoy technologies, ambitious projects, and cooperation with our customers. Moreover, we are experienced managers, challenging ourselves and the results of our work. That’s why you can count on us.

Robert Paskovský
Roman Haluzík
Miloš Kačer
Václav Kotora



We are here for our customers and partners. Please tell us the reason for your interest and we will be happy to contact you.

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