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We look for and deploy XR solutions with real business impacts

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XR solution areas

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Service and maintenance

Get rid of printed manuals. The technicians wearing AR glasses can see the instructions and work processes right on the device. Or, they can receive remote support.

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Training and education

Simulate the situations you need your employees to be trained for in virtual reality. Or, have them wear AR glasses to try out various work processes.

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Marketing and sales

Differ from your competitors by giving XR presentations. Take advantage of virtual product and service catalogs with 3D objects or meet your clients in virtual showrooms.

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Production and logistics

Integrate XR technologies into your production and warehouse management systems. Make the warehouse processes more efficient and keep track of the use of resources and production performance.

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Communication and cooperation

Arrange the meetings with your colleagues and clients in virtual reality, as well as your lectures and company events. XR will make your communication truly interactive.

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We look for, test and deploy XR solutions with real impacts

Who we are

Who we are

We reveal the capabilities of XR technologies to help all kinds of companies increase their efficiency and save their costs. We draw on many years of managerial, consulting and technological experience. Together, we make a team that gets things done.

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