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The use of XR technologies

The right XR solution brings better results

No matter what field you are in. No matter if you sell custom furniture or if you service propellers. Tell us which part of your company you feel an opportunity in and we will find it. 

Service and Maintenance

Make it easier for the field workers. AR glasses enable even a beginner to do as good job as an experienced senior worker. 

Thanks to a built-in camera, an expert sitting in front of the computer can see the same as the field worker through the glasses and they can work together remotely.

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Training and Education

Whether it is compulsory safety training or procedural training of employees, extended reality will save you hours of work and provide real experience.

For safety and professional training, you can use a virtual environment. While AR glasses make work processes easier.

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Production and Logistics

Speed up your production processes using 3D visualizations of spaces and products. Connect the visualizations with the internal processes and you can easily evaluate their success rate.

AR glasses will significantly save time of the warehouse operators and improve the workplace ergonomics.

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Marketing and Sales

First impressions are very important. Be more accessible to your customers and get your products closer to them.

Present complex 3D objects remotely using virtual catalogs or entire showrooms.

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Cooperation and Communication

Company meetings, client meetings or lectures in virtual rooms. Compared to classic online calls, the communication is interactive and includes everything.

The participants can move around the rooms, form groups and use interactive whiteboards or handle 3D objects.

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But this is not all.

If you are just starting to think about extended reality, why not ask us without obligation and have a talk about it first.

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Still hesitating if you can make use of XR technologies in your company?

Why not ask us without obligation and we will quickly evaluate it for you. We are the consultants that look at extended reality with a strict business perspective.

We will get back to you within 3 days…

Who will you meet at the meeting?

  • Robert Paskovský Partner, XR business consultant
  • Roman Haluzík Partner, XR business consultant
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