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Draw your customers into your service and product presentations and stand out from your competitors.

Show your clients complex 3D objects remotely, present your products in virtual catalogs and meet your clients in virtual showrooms.

Easier Navigation and Spatial Orientation

Point a camera at a real space and add any information to it on the screen. This virtual guide will facilitate navigation in large spaces and at airports, or find the optimal shopping route in hypermarkets.

You can use a virtual guide to show the newcomers around the company premises and introduce them to any important processes.

Virtual Company Headquarters

Have your clients see your company in a virtual environment from anywhere. You can easily invite your customers and partners to your showroom and production hall, or show them around a new hotel. Your customers will be welcomed by a receptionist and taken to a meeting room, a lecture hall  or a relaxation zone. Build your virtual corporate headquarters in the metaverse.

If you are just going to build your premises, you can see its detailed 3D visualization.

Presenting Products at Customer’s Place

You customers can go through a virtual showroom alone or accompanied by a salesperson. They can see the 3D models of your products, interact with them as they like and watch the animations in simulated operation.

Using a virtual configurator, they can change the color of the products or other parameters.

Presenting Products at Customer’s Place

Your customers can see the product in the place they are planning to have it. They can see new furniture on the screen of their smart phones or tablets in their living rooms, machines in their production halls or window frames in a building shell.

Using virtual icons on the screen, you can take your customer through the entire purchase process up to the payment.

Retail scenarios

No more searching for information in the texts hidden on packaging and labels. Make it easy for your customers to shop at your store. When browsing the shelves with their smart phones or tablets, they can clearly see the necessary information about the goods on the screens.

You can also have your customers choose the goods in virtual shelves, where they directly choose the required size or color.

Putting Physical Objects and Advertising Brochures in Motion

Provide your business partners with an interactive business card displaying your product or other information as a 3D model on their phones after they have scanned the QR code.

You can add any comprehensive product diagrams to your printed materials, catalogs or physical products at an exhibition or in your showroom.

After-Sales Customer Support

Once your customers buy the products, give them access to the documentation, service system and remote support. They just point their smart glasses, tablets or smart phones at the product or read the QR code and see the service guide on the display.

They can also file the service tickets without calling anybody or searching for information, and see the spare part availability or get in touch with a dispatcher.

VR Fairs and Events

Whether using virtual reality glasses or computer screens or tablets, you can organize a marketing event for both the existing and potential customers. Hundreds of participants can log into the virtual conference rooms, walk through your product exhibitions, listen to the lectures and, of course, use the private spaces for their business meetings.

Meet your customers and partners, present your products and conclude business contracts, all in a virtual world.

But this is not all! 

Check out other technologies we're working with.

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Who we have helped to deploy XR technologies

Elektrizace Železnic Praha a.s.

The printed flyer for the EZB-PM1 transfer substation from Elektrizace Železnic Praha a.s. contains 3D content in augmented reality. Just point your mobile phone or tablet and a 3D model will emerge from the 2D flyer.

Elektrizace Železnic Praha a.s.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

Virtual reality training for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech - safety training for working at height and using the LOTO (Lock out, tag out) system.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

ELVAC a.s.

The company ELVAC has implemented the assisted remote support AR solution based on the technology of the TeamViewer FrontLine xAssist using RealWear Navigator 500 smart glasses.

ELVAC a.s.

Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.

We present the project "Railway Metaverse" created for the company Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s. The purpose of the project is to show the public with the help of XR technologies that railways are not just trains and tracks, but it is a complex infrastructure that creates a technological background for what many of us admire and love, which is a quiet, safe and ecological train ride. Visitors will be immersed in the world of rail electrification in virtual reality, walking along the track, trying to repair complex equipment by following instructions from a walkie-talkie and even trying to build a catenary pole using a crane.

Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.

ELVAC a.s.

The company ELVAC has implemented the AR solution for for work procedures and manuals based on the technology of the TeamViewer FrontLine xMake using RealWear Navigator 500 smart glasses.

ELVAC a.s.


Training in virtual reality for operating a Siemens locomotive. Created for LokoTrain s.r.o., using Meta Oculus Quest 2 and HTC Vive 2 glasses.


ELVAC a.s.

The company ELVAC has implemented the AR warehouse solution for Vision Picking based on the technology of the TeamViewer FrontLine xPick using RealWear smart glasses.

ELVAC a.s.


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