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XR technologies can be easily integrated into your existing production and warehouse management systems.

They will enable your employees to work more efficiently, reduce the error rate and improve the continuity of production. Keep your documentation up to date and control the production and warehouse performance.

Work Processes and SOP

Your expert or senior staff will easily create customized procedures using text or audio-visual information. They can add various forms of instructions and alerts including spatial orientation. You can regularly update the procedures, which will always be available to everyone.

If needed, you can easily call assisted remote support during work.

Preventive and Efficient Maintenance

If you have developed your work processes, AR technologies will ensure the production reliability. You can easily connect them, for example, to the information about the availability of spare parts or to the industrial IoT. Get rid of paper documentation, which often does not stay up-to-date long.

Maintenance, revisions and audits will be easier and production downtime will be reduced to a minimum. 

Premises Visualization and Production and Warehouse Management

Create realistic visualizations of your production or warehouse spaces, machines, handling lines and production tools. Add any interactive and up-to-date data and you will be provided with a real-time view of the entire space as well as its parts. You can thus verify the correctness of the design and easily assess any modifications.

You can also apply, for example, laser scans (LIDAR) or photogrammetry, and use them in reverse engineering. 

Monitoring of Resource Utilization and Production Performance

A suitable combination of XR and the internal systems will provide important and timely information to the relevant production worker, dispatchers, shift leaders and senior staff.

A fast transfer of information can be enhanced by management dashboards and information boards. You can easily monitor the company performance.

Warehouse Operations 

When receiving, preparing and dispatching orders, your employees know exactly where everything goes to. As everything is integrated with the WMS, they can see the product information and instructions in smart glasses and confirm them by voice, and have their hands free for work. The technologies reduce the error rate as well as improve the workplace ergonomics.

AR can be used for business and internal logistics, too.

But this is not all!

Check out other technologies we're working with.

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Who we have helped to deploy XR technologies

Elektrizace Železnic Praha a.s.

The printed flyer for the EZB-PM1 transfer substation from Elektrizace Železnic Praha a.s. contains 3D content in augmented reality. Just point your mobile phone or tablet and a 3D model will emerge from the 2D flyer.

Elektrizace Železnic Praha a.s.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

Virtual reality training for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech - safety training for working at height and using the LOTO (Lock out, tag out) system.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

ELVAC a.s.

The company ELVAC has implemented the assisted remote support AR solution based on the technology of the TeamViewer FrontLine xAssist using RealWear Navigator 500 smart glasses.

ELVAC a.s.

Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.

We present the project "Railway Metaverse" created for the company Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s. The purpose of the project is to show the public with the help of XR technologies that railways are not just trains and tracks, but it is a complex infrastructure that creates a technological background for what many of us admire and love, which is a quiet, safe and ecological train ride. Visitors will be immersed in the world of rail electrification in virtual reality, walking along the track, trying to repair complex equipment by following instructions from a walkie-talkie and even trying to build a catenary pole using a crane.

Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.

ELVAC a.s.

The company ELVAC has implemented the AR solution for for work procedures and manuals based on the technology of the TeamViewer FrontLine xMake using RealWear Navigator 500 smart glasses.

ELVAC a.s.


Training in virtual reality for operating a Siemens locomotive. Created for LokoTrain s.r.o., using Meta Oculus Quest 2 and HTC Vive 2 glasses.


ELVAC a.s.

The company ELVAC has implemented the AR warehouse solution for Vision Picking based on the technology of the TeamViewer FrontLine xPick using RealWear smart glasses.

ELVAC a.s.


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