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Arrange the meetings with your colleagues and clients in virtual reality, as well as lectures or company events.

Do not deal with how to get the participants to one place. They can all log into a virtual conference hall from anywhere. Compared to ordinary video calls, the communication using XR is much more interactive.

Virtual Meetings 

Meet at the place of your choice. Create the virtual headquarters with a meeting room or other rooms where you want to meet your clients and business partners. The participants put on the glasses and join the meeting represented by their own 3D avatars. They talk to each other, make gestures, write down their ideas on sticky notes and stick them to a virtual whiteboard.

Virtual meetings can be used for meetings with your clients as well as regular team meetings.

Creative Meetings 

Support the creativity of the people in your team and use the unlimited space that VR offers. Choose the space in which the participants will do their best. During the meeting, they can use various tools, for example, interactive drawing boards.  

The room can be divided into smaller sections with “sound bubbles” where participants can chat without disturbing anyone else.

Lectures and Presentations

Meet people from all over the world in a presentation room, an auditorium or wherever you like. Create a virtual hall for dozens to hundreds of participants, who will join the meeting using VR glasses or via their computer screens.

The presenter can show any 3D objects and situations that would be impossible or dangerous in the real world. For example, a life-size simulation of a volcanic explosion or a nuclear power plant cooling tower. Draw the participants into the topic of the presentation.

Company Events

Give your colleagues a unique experience and organize events for them without dealing with the logistics and transportation to one place. Anyone can join from anywhere. In virtual spaces, participants move around, talk to each other and watch presentations, videos and 3D objects that you could not show them in real life.

For every event, you can have special rooms designed according to your requirements. This will enable you to organize any team building activities, formal parties as well as presentations of new projects.

But this is not all! 

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Who we have helped to deploy XR technologies

Elektrizace Železnic Praha a.s.

The printed flyer for the EZB-PM1 transfer substation from Elektrizace Železnic Praha a.s. contains 3D content in augmented reality. Just point your mobile phone or tablet and a 3D model will emerge from the 2D flyer.

Elektrizace Železnic Praha a.s.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

Virtual reality training for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech - safety training for working at height and using the LOTO (Lock out, tag out) system.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

ELVAC a.s.

The company ELVAC has implemented the assisted remote support AR solution based on the technology of the TeamViewer FrontLine xAssist using RealWear Navigator 500 smart glasses.

ELVAC a.s.

Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.

We present the project "Railway Metaverse" created for the company Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s. The purpose of the project is to show the public with the help of XR technologies that railways are not just trains and tracks, but it is a complex infrastructure that creates a technological background for what many of us admire and love, which is a quiet, safe and ecological train ride. Visitors will be immersed in the world of rail electrification in virtual reality, walking along the track, trying to repair complex equipment by following instructions from a walkie-talkie and even trying to build a catenary pole using a crane.

Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.

ELVAC a.s.

The company ELVAC has implemented the AR solution for for work procedures and manuals based on the technology of the TeamViewer FrontLine xMake using RealWear Navigator 500 smart glasses.

ELVAC a.s.


Training in virtual reality for operating a Siemens locomotive. Created for LokoTrain s.r.o., using Meta Oculus Quest 2 and HTC Vive 2 glasses.


ELVAC a.s.

The company ELVAC has implemented the AR warehouse solution for Vision Picking based on the technology of the TeamViewer FrontLine xPick using RealWear smart glasses.

ELVAC a.s.


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